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Cheer Residences

Project at a Glance
Project Location: Barangay Ibayo, Marilao, Bulacan
Turnover Date: August 31, 2020
Unit Sizes: Starting at 30 sqm 
Price Range: Php 2.5M and up
Number of Towers: 7 (Tower A-G)
Number of Floors:  5 floors
Number of Units: 900
Units Per Floor: 24
Project area (hectares): 2.3 hectares


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Cheer Residences By SMDC

Start a new life with a joyful and an unforgettable experience at Cheer Residences. Just as the name suggests, Cheer Residences is there to take care of both your social and business lifestyle. Located in Marilao, Bulacan, the residence gives you an easy access to the best of the best, the unimaginable. Integrate your social and business life with Cheer Residences in the most outstanding manner. The residence offers its residents an upscale living experience. In Cheer Residences, pleasure meets business in a nature-rich setting. A quaint place where the residents get to enjoy all the peace that they can ever want.

Are you looking for a modern, adaptable and comfortable place to live? Cheer Residences in Bulacan has all that and more. Not to mention, the name Cheer evokes a positive and happy feeling. As a brand-new residence, it will serve your every need and make life enjoyable for you and your family. Located in a perfect spot, you can find so much to do for entertainment, shopping, and even transportation that will take you anywhere you want to go. With many great amenities, you almost don’t have to leave your new home to find adventures outside of the community because there is plenty to do within the complex. The new residences are located within the SM Mall of Asia complex, and are also close to transportation so you can decide to stay close to home or venture out into surrounding areas.

The Cheer Residences is made up of 7 buildings that surround an outside resort-like common area. Each building has 5 floors with an average of 24 units each. The units are averaged around 28 square meters and can also be designed to fit your needs. Unlike any other residences in the area, this will be the first of its kind to offer Flexi-suites. This flexible floor plan is one in which can be modified to use the space in a way that works best for you and your family. You can design your new home based on the amount of space you will need. You will adore your new home as you can design any room within your suite exactly how you would like!

Cheer Residences also offer many features to help you feel safe and comfortable in your new abode. There are security features so you will feel protected at all times. There are also many comforts put into place in the case of an emergency. One of the most important aspects of new living is that residents feel safe so they can enjoy life!

Amenities within the Complex of Your New Home

You will feel like you never have to leave home with all the accommodations easily at your fingertips. Whether you have a family or live alone, the lovely common area within the complex is like a vacation resort with a club house and a pool for your enjoyment. The clubhouse offers a space to sit and relax with friends and family under the protection of a roof so that you can enjoy your time together no matter what the weather is like. You can host small get-togethers here as it is located right near the pool. Your guests will feel as though they are on vacation, too! The pool is a resort in itself as you will enjoy a comforting and peaceful spot to wind down at the end of your day or on your days off. Located in the area is an adult pool, as well as a children’s wading pool for those just learning to swim. If you are looking to relax, cool off, or get some exercise, no matter what your needs are, there is something for everyone. With a relaxing and refreshing resort area so close to home, you will relish in the retreat options offered to you and be able to enjoy life to its fullest!

Also, located in the complex, close to the pool and clubhouse, is a playground for children. While you relax, your children can play close by. It is the best of both worlds since you will be able to enjoy the amenities at the same time the kids do. Right next to these conveniences is Central Park. Within this suitable area, there are trails you can walk or jog on, beautiful scenery, and places where you can sit and meditate or picnic with your family. With luxurious shrubs and trees surrounding the park, you will almost forget where you are and feel like you are far away from home, when, in fact, you are right at home in the most perfect place the area has to offer.

If you have ever owned a standalone home, then you know that the owner is usually responsible for maintaining the landscape and outdoor amenities. If you have a pool, you will need to clean it regularly and keep up with its care. Here at Cheer Residences, all those services are done for you by the condo association so you can enjoy your free time. You will be able to arrive home from work and put your feet up at the pool, spend time with your family and friends, or go for a jog through the beautiful and relaxing scenery within the common area. You will not need to mow the lawn or trim the bushes. The lawncare and maintenance of the nature aspects in the community will be taken care of for you.  This is one of the many positive features of living in a condominium complex.

Conveniences Inside your New Home

When you first walk into Cheer Residences, you will be amazed at the beauty it has to offer to its residents. The lobby in each building is welcoming and modern. You will feel at home before you even arrive at your unit. With 24 hour surveillance, you can also feel safe in your new dwelling. We want our residents to know they are protected and their well-being is important. There are also other safety features that will ease your worries. An automatic sprinkler system in case of a fire will allow you to feel at comfortable that you are taken care of in the case of an emergency. An alarm system will let you know if there is an emergency and what to do. There are also other safety and convenience features in the case of a power outage. There are backup generators for each building, and units have one outlet that can continue to work on this generator.

Within the building is also a function room where you can have gatherings and celebrations for any occasion.

Entertainment, Shopping, and the Possibility of Adventure Close By

There is so much to do close by your new home in Bulacan. From sightseeing to a waterpark, to the National Shrine of the Divine Mercy, and nature parks, you will enjoy any time you spend in the area. There are so many beautiful buildings and architecture to check out and take in. You and your family and friends will never be bored. You will always be able to find something to suit you no matter if you are alone and looking to meet new people who live in the area, or are traveling in a large group.  

Located near one of Asia’s Super Malls, the SM City of Marilao is close to the site of the new complex. Inside the mall, you can find so many activities to do. If you love to shop, there is a multitude of stores from fashion to hobbies, and so much more! Located in the mall is also a movie theater for you and your family to enjoy the latest films. If you are looking for delicious places to eat, there is almost anything you can imagine from fast food to fine dining restaurants. Whether you are looking for a quick bite to eat before a movie or in between your shopping, or are searching for a restaurant to go to for a celebration, you will always be able to find something to please everyone in your party. There are stores that can help you get the necessities such as prescriptions, eye care, and healthcare providers. There are stores to meet your needs if you are looking for essential clothing items or even luxury sports equipment. Looking for the perfect gift for someone you love? You are close to the mall and will be able to find anything for any occasion.

 Looking for something fun to do with the kids? The mall complex offers a carousel, karaoke hub and a game center. You could spend the whole day at this establishment and still not get to explore it all. No matter the age of the group you are with, everyone will be satisfied with how much there is to do for entertainment. Looking to travel and get away from the area for a bit? That is an option with all the transportation in the area. You can go anywhere your imagination takes you.

If you are someone who is looking for career opportunities, what better place to be near than a mall? There are prospects for you to earn a little extra money as a sales associate if you are a college student looking to make your way through school. If you are someone looking to get into the services industry, there are massage centers and nail salons for you to practice at or find a career that suits you. With hospitals and churches nearby, you and your family will have all your needs met for a happy and healthy life.

Safety Features to Keep You and Your Family Relaxed

Another aspect of buying a new home that is so important to you and your family is ensuring the safety of each person. Cheer Residences prides itself in its security features so that you can worry less about whether or not your family will be taken care of in an emergency. It is so important to have working alarms, sprinklers, and have staircases for the opportunity to leave the building without having to wait for the elevator.

As mentioned before, there are cameras in the entrances and common areas that are constantly on so that everyone who comes and goes is documented on film. Residents should feel safe to know that visitors are also monitored so we know who is in the buildings at all times. This is not to be an inconvenience to those who regularly have visitors and guests, but is more of a way to ensure the safety of residents and guests. With the security measures, you can feel confident that your family is in good hands.

Am I Really Making a Good Investment for My Family?

You cannot go wrong with a unit in a new condominium complex like Cheer Residences. There are so many wonderful reasons you should choose to live here. It is always a big question when buying a new home whether or not you are making a good investment. One of those reasons these new residences if a good move for you is you will be the first owner of this new home. While many times, previous homeowners can leave behind problem appliances and big-ticket items, you will not have this issue here. The appliances and fixtures within your unit are brand new so you will not have to worry about replacing them for some time. They are also a very high-quality so you will be satisfied with how easy and enjoyable they are to use and to clean. Everything is already done for you. There are new floors, tiles, and the rooms are modern for your comfort. SMDC has made sure to create buildings and units that are environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

Cheer Residences is also a popular and in-demand new complex because of the five-star features it has to offer. Besides all the wonderful aspects in your unit, there are also great conveniences within the building, outside in the amenity area, and in the nearby city of Bulacan. Whether retirement is near for you or many years down the road, it is important to look for a home in which you could imagine yourself staying in for a long time to come. Cheer Residences could be a perfect place for someone who is retired. There is so much to keep community members active, so it could be a place you can enjoy the later years in life. Being immersed into a community with so much to do, and one that is so close to many wonderful, exciting, and entertaining aspects of Bulacan, you will be so pleased with your choice to make Cheer your new home.

SMDC Cheer Residences in Bulacan, Philippines is a premier Condo project available for sale. If you're looking to rent or purchase Cheer Residences, then check here first. We have full details of Cheer Residences updated regularly as well as everything you need to know about the availing and booking process, broken down into stages that includes selecting a unit, choosing a payment plan and buying your dream home at the right price. For price list, free site tripping, personalized service, model house, unit plans, floor plans, payment terms, CHAT LIVE with an agent 24x7. We are Remax Perfect Homes. Always buy from PRC licensed Real Estate Brokers and Agents only.

Cheer Residences - Location & Vicinity

Cheer Residences is located at Barangay Ibayo, Marilao, Bulacan.

Own a home at Cheer Residences when you get everything at your doorstep.

First of all, Cheer Residences is situated at a prime location which you an easy access to what you need. The schools are just a short walk from the residences. This is the best thing both for your kids and for you. You get to save those coins that you had to give out as fare and they get to save their precious time that would have been used to commute to school. Furthermore, the schools are the best of the best in this 21st century.

Its strategic location offers its residents a vibrant lifestyle as it is just a short distance from the city's recreational and entertainment hub. The world-reknown recreational amenities all are at your doorstep to hive you that five star long experience. Cheer Residences gives its residences a thrilling experience as the live just beside a mega mall. No need of driving downtown to shop. Apart from that, the medical institutions are just a few minutes walk from the resident. Second, the proximity to NLEV, Venezuela, Caloocan and Quezon city elevates the living experience of Cheer Residents. These are places that are a must go for everyone in Philippine.

Quick spotlight on Bulacan province

In order to understand the vibrant life of Cheer Residences, a quick look at the province that houses it will be the the wise thing to do. Cheer Residences is located in this progressive province and it is just a few minutes away from the business district. The pristine environment of most areas of  the province makes it the perfect place for raising a decent family; kids.

The fast-paced family is rapidly becoming industrialised due to its proximity to Metro Manila. No need to be bossed around yet there are many opportunities waiting to be grabbed by the sobber-minded. The favored province is home to banking corporations, and activities such as agribusiness, aquaculture, food processing among others. Money is not everything but, it is the only thing so hurry as fast as you can and grab your opportunity to break the circle of poverty. Living in this province means no joblessness so why not choose Cheer Residences?

The transport system there is one to be praised; all efficient and inexpensive. Moving around the unspoiled province is quite easy. The jeeps and taxis are easily accessible even though the jeep drivers can be ruthless sometimes. Moving around doesn't have to be stressful, whether one is going for that boring lecture, the much awaited date or to see the that friend. A beautiful province like this deserves such means of public transportation, yes?

In as much as people keep complaining about boring lives, if they don't do anything to stop being bored nothing interesting will come their way. Bulacan is a province with entertainment hubs that are held in high regards. A province that can never disappoint its residents. Bulacan is a city that never sleeps. Its residents get to enjoy the best of the best when it comes to entertainment. The exotic live performances from bands are a good way to unwind after a long unpleasant day. This is just another indicator of how romantic this city is.

The recreational facilities just within reach make the residences of this province not to live just an ordinary life but like on a vacation in their everyday life. Grab some popcorns and head to the state-of-the-art movie theatres and cinema halls that provide entertainment for those who enjoy passive entertainment. For partying and clubbing, the classic bars and clubs never disappoint.

Cheer Residences Location

Cheer Residences - Photo Gallery

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Flexi Suite Living and Dining Area

Flexi Suite Bedroom




SM City Marilao and Cheer Residences

Entrance Water Feature and Clubhouse


Adult Pool and Kids Wading Pool

Central Park

Cheer Residences - Features & Amenities

The majestic tower offers a resort-like lifestyle to its residents. The world-class amenities it has is one thing it has to be admired for and the excellent services are not to be ignored either; 24 hour security, CCTV, the front desk and the property management services are there all to ensure that the residents are at comfort.

The residence offers its residents a chance to invest at the comfort of their homes. The ground floor is set aside for commercial purposes. This is a great opportunity for those who cannot stand the idea of working under someone. The fact that this residence is strategically located in the town proper makes businesses here boom.

There is a lot to tell about Cheer Residences that if all were to be put down, everyone would run their now. Cheer Residences is the best place to live for those who want a life of style and success. SMDC being the top developers in the country knew what exactly the Philippines have been yearning for.

These stylish homes have been fully furnished just to simplify their inhabitants lived. There is no hustle of buying furniture and all sorts of things just because one is moving into a new home. But there is always room to add a person's liking and taste in their homes. The finishing is one to be amazed with.

Some homes are semi furnished on order to give the resident an opportunity to make their home home-like. There is something for everyone and that is why the residents' tastes are put into consideration.

Cheer Residences has world-class facilities in order to to make the residents feel at home. The ever efficient elevators are strategically placed in order to serve the residences. In addition to that, the standby generator are strategically positioned  in order to diligently serve the residents just as it should. There are four to five elevators on every tower of the residence in order to make the residents live a five star life.

The automatic fire detector and alarm system ensure the security of Cheer residents both physically and propertywise.
Life in Cheer Residences is heaven on earth life. There residents get to enjoy resort-like amenities at their doorsteps hence there is no more going to the overcrowded amenities downtown. The cool inviting water in the swimming pool is one not to miss. Instead of watching movies the whole day why not do some exercise at the comfort of your home? Maybe this is what these creative developers thought of because swimming is the best recreational activity leaving one healthy both in mind and in shape.
The kids are taken care of in the best way ever. They have their own swimming pool and a children play area. Yes, play is that important for the kids.

The legendary Cheer Residences offer the best homes to the young people, singles and for young families. The plan of the homes allows for free movement in the home there suitable for the mentioned people. To say the very least, Green Residences is all things; beautiful and romantic. It is intimate in a quaint, non-screaming way and this is why it is the perfect place to spend most of your life.

Most importantly, Cheer Residences, just as the name suggests, offers the most exciting experience to its residences. The walls are there to cushion them  from the stressful world by bringing comfort and joy in their lives in an unimaginable way. All these invigorating recreational amenities and the world-class facilities all are aiming to create the perfect world for the residences.

  • Clubhouse
  • Central Park
  • Children's Wading Pool
  • 24-hour security
  • Centralized Garbage Collection and Disposal System
  • Landscaped Areas
  • Entrance Water Feature
  • Adult Pool
  • Automatic Fire Sprinkler System
  • Standby Generator Set for Common Areas & Select Unit Outlets 

Cheer Residences - Price List

Unit Type Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Flexi Suite ₱ 2,424,000 28.52 sqm
Flexi Suite End ₱ 2,530,000 29.76 sqm
Open Parking ₱ 700,000 12.50 sqm
Tandem Parking ₱ 700,000 12.50 sqm

Cheer Residences - Payment Option

Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
1. Spot Cash
100% spot cash in 30 days
10% discount
2. Deferred cash
100% payable in 32 months
2% discount
3. Spot DP
a. 10% spot, 90% in 31 months, 2% discount
b. 20% spot, 80% in 31 months, 4% discount
c. 50% spot, 50% in 31 months, 5% discount
4. Spread DP
a. 15% in 31 months, 85% through cash or bank
b. 20% in 31 months, 80% through cash or bank
c. 10% in 31 months, 90% through cash or bank

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Why You Should Invest In  Cheer Residences

Truly advantageous living beside a mall

As some industrious entrepreneurs accumulate wealth while engage in retail and trading business, living near the mall itself is not only entertaining but could also give you the best opportunity to indulge in profitable business in the trade whether part or full time. You can supervise your business even if you are working outside of the town with ease and confidence once you are based in one of Cheers’ residential units, and besides, you don’t have to be far from your family just to have an added income. A clever idea, indeed!

The best alternative home

Metro Manila is yet so near but definitely too far in terms of serenity and tranquility inside the Cheer Residences, Marilao’s best alternative residential hub against the smog and rugged edges of the metro. Caloocan City is less than an hour drive from the project while the central business district of Quezon City is just a little over an hour away, working on this cities and going home to cheer you up to the elegance and luxury of Cheer is certainly an added bonus. Go home to a pristine place where you can relax and rest securely along with your family after a tiring day at work.

Ideal location

Hospitals and other medical institutions thrive within the immediate vicinity of Cheer Residences; the likes of St. Francis Hospital, Santa Clara de Montefalco Hospital, the Nazarenus Hospital, St. Michael Family Hospital, Marymount Hospital, Inc., all lie within the site’s 5km radius and are easily accessible.

Your children’s education is also assured as the project is also near several first class schools, such as the Barcelona Academy, St. Therese School, St. Michael School of Marilao, Prenza National High School, St. Philomena School, Darwin International School, Angelican School of Marilao, Inc., Manila Central University Caloocan and the University of the East Caloocan.

How To Buy

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