SMDC Cheer Residences - PRICE LIST

SMDC : SMDC Cheer Residences For Sale
Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Flexi Suite ₱ 2,900,000 - 4,000,000 28.52 sqm - 43.09 sqm
Flexi Suite End ₱ 3,100,000 - 3,900,000 29.76 sqm
Open Parking ₱ 850,000 12.5 sqm
Tandem Parking ₱ 850,000 12.5 sqm
Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
1. Spot Cash
100% spot cash in 30 days
10% discount
2. Deferred cash
100% payable in 32 months
2% discount
3. Spot DP
a. 10% spot, 90% in 31 months, 2% discount
b. 20% spot, 80% in 31 months, 4% discount
c. 50% spot, 50% in 31 months, 5% discount
4. Spread DP
a. 15% in 31 months, 85% through cash or bank
b. 20% in 31 months, 80% through cash or bank
c. 10% in 31 months, 90% through cash or bank

Owning a home at  Cheer Residences

Heighten your living experience at Cheer Residences by owning one of these luxurious homes. The flexi suites could be all you have been wishing for all your life. Cheer Residences offers it residents a unique blend of work-pleasure in a one package; work downstairs and live upstairs. What an excellent life!

The world-class facilities offer that life that is searched by many. Cheer Residences has four to five elevators per tower in order to make its residents feel at comfort within its four walls. The fire exits have been strategically placed so as to make it easy to walk out in case of fire break outs.

Owning a home in this residence is the best thing one could do for themselves. The blend of convenience, style at comfort is not easily found in this wicked world but here is Cheer Residences offering all in one package.
The playful but mature taste of design used in making these homes is all one ever needs. The beautiful everything in the homes; the artistic finishing, the world-class furnitures and the plan of the homes are all in the best interests of the residents.
The best thing about owning a home here is the fact that the best of the best are at the residents doorstep. The best shops, the best educational institutions, the best medical institutions, the classiest entertainment joints among others. Cheers Residences offers its residents to enjoy world-class performances from the five-star entertainment hubs.

Cheer Residences is the centre of the action. This is like a one stop shop for everyone; fun, peace, investment.

These homes are the best description of what a home should be. A place to relax after a long, stressful day is what everyone needs, whether students or working class. The four walls provide all the peace that one needs after this long day. The fact that these homes are in a quaint environment makes it a wonderful place to come to every evening.

Shelling out money in the act of purchasing or renting a home is not a good idea at all and that is why Cheers Residences have all flexible terms of payment depending one's financial ability.
Cheers Residences is the choice of the successful and stylish individuals. The vibrant and elegant lifestyle that is only seen in the movies is only brought into the real world. This fast-paced city is proud to be the home of this world-class residence.

The exceptional features of this these serene homes are quite inviting both to the eyes and to the soul. This 21st century residential estate has set a mark that other developers have to catch up with.
Its proximity to the other major cities and the best shopping malls in Philippine makes its residents' lifestyles characterized by luxury and convenience. An elevated way of living awaits those who want to make a statement in this life at the legendary Cheers Residences.

Owning a home here is as easy as gaining those pounds of weight. It is just a phone call away thus the more reason everyone should have a taste of this wonderful life.

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